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Our Mission

At Inssurgentt Foods, we believe there’s no sincerer love than the love for good food. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry by combining gourmet tastes with health-conscious solutions. Our offerings are crafted to bring you the joy of homely, preservative-free meals every day.

A passion for creating dishes

Why Choose Us?

Authenticity on Your Plate

Diverse Offerings: Dive into a world of flavors with our handcrafted kebabs, crispies, and gravies. Every bite promises the freshness of home-cooked meals, prepared with premium ingredients and zero artificial flavors.

Innovative Food Solutions

  • Flexible Business Models: From hyper-local pop-ups to dynamic D2C strategies, our business model is as flexible as it is robust, enabling us to cater to a diverse clientele.
  • Franchise Opportunities: Whether it’s through a franchise or our own branded outlets, we ensure that each venture is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Our Culinary Canvas

  • Signature Dishes: Explore our signature dishes from Raasta Ccafe and The Shaarabi Kebabi to Biryani Darbar and more.
  • Chef-less Operations: Our versatile operations allow for chef-less setups, ensuring high quality without high costs.

Join the Food Revolution

High Profits & Customizability: Partner with us and gain access to proven products and customizable options that promise not only high profits but also a chance to be part of a food movement that values quality and customer satisfaction above all.

Sustainability at the Core

Environmentally Friendly: We are proud to offer products that are MSG-free, colorant-free, and crafted with the highest care for environmental and social responsibility.

Get Involved

Connect with Us: Connect with us through our Études Architect app or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and insights into the architectural world. Participate in shaping spaces that inspire, just as our food delights.

An array of resources

Comprehensive Services: Our extensive range of professional services caters to diverse clients, from individual homeowners to commercial developers.

Inssurgentt Foods App

  • Collaborate and Innovate: Work alongside fellow food enthusiasts and showcase your culinary projects.
  • Experience the World of Gourmet Foods: Dive deep into culinary arts with our app, designed to bring food lovers together.

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  • Insightful Articles: Explore thought-provoking articles and case studies that celebrate the art of food.
  • Exclusive Insights: Gain exclusive access to culinary design insights and innovative food solutions.

“Inssurgentt Foods has redefined convenience and quality in QSR corporate kiosk experiences, setting new standards in the food catering industry.”

Annie Gupta

CA, Greenprint